What ever happened to the RSVP?

I need to rant. Why does society think it is OK to not RSVP to an invitation?

I realized this like 6 years ago and just stopped having birthday parties for my kids cause I was sick of it. But I thought this year I would let me son invite 5 school friends to a special party that is costing me a pretty penny since it is his last year at this school.

Guess how many responded. THREE!

Two weeks ago I had my son ask the two non replied kids to ask their parents and have them email me. Crickets.

One of the moms I know so was able to message. She replied it was Father’s Day and she was working and her husband hadn’t replied to her yet if he had plans or not. Oops my bad didn’t check calendar when I booked the event.

However it is now Saturday night (party is tomorrow) and still nothing for these two kids. Pisses me off.

If someone invites you to an event you should at least have manners to let them know if you can attend or not. Events cost money and most are a minimum attendance.

This also happened for our wedding. Our venue only held 45 people. We had to piss off a lot of people due to limited space. Only 20 bothered to show up.

My kid will enjoy his party with the two who can attend. But I am paying for five.

Back to no birthday party’s after this year and instead having special family days that the kids pick.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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