The Mean Mommy Chronicles – Volume 1

Oh the stories I could tell. Well more like the stories I am going to tell. My husband and I were raised in different times. It took a village, literally. We do not come from well to do homes. Both of us come from broken homes. Parents separated when we were young. Mine I was 8 months old. Food banks helped to feed us and charities helped to put toys under our tree at Christmas.

As everyone does we vowed to give our children more than we ever had. Now don’t get me wrong. I had an amazing upbringing. My mom was amazing and I never knew we were poor until I was much older. She was the neighborhood mom. Everyone knew our home was a safe place and our door was always open. I was loved, fed, clothed and safe.

To say my children are spoiled is an understatement. They want for nothing. They have never had to have no named cereal or powder milk. In fact the only damn cereal they eat is Krave. That shit ain’t cheap.

I eventually got sick of it, my children thought everything just magically appeared and nothing cost money. So along came “Mean Mommy” as some may decide to call me reading these stories. But I got big shoulders and I am proud of the parent I am who is now teaching my kids just how spoiled they are.

I introduce to you the first series on my new blog…..

The Mean Mommy Chronicles

Volume 1 – iPads aren’t cheap

My youngest…. oh where do we start…. he has ADHD and has anger and impulse control issues. Things are slowly getting better… YAY medication but things are not always easy.

Once upon a time I was an ambassador for Netflix and to welcome me to the program they sent me an iPad mini. I decided to gift my old iPad to my youngest and we gave the oldest my husbands iPad since he didn’t use it. Spoiled kids…. At this time my youngest was 5.

One day in one of his meltdown moments he got so mad he bit his iPad…. HARD! Screen shattered. Being the our kids will always have whatever they want parents that we were I ran out and paid $150 to get the screen repaired.

6 months later in another meltdown he throws the thing down the stairs. I decide to pretend to throw out the iPad. It was September. In December, Santa brought him a new iPad. Really I just went out and paid to repair the damn thing AGAIN! By summer it was smashed again. I had enough.

I told my son if he wanted a new iPad he had to buy one himself. I was done wasting my money and Santa’s money.

See my kids get money every payday. Every time my husband gets paid we all get spending money to do whatever we want with, including the kids. They get $10 each pay. Between that and a birthday, my son had $75 saved when I came across a $60 tablet on sale at Wal-Mart. I called my son and asked him if he wanted it. He said yes, so I bought it and when I got home I collected the money he owed me.

The free ride was over. Time for these kids to learn the reality of life. Stay tuned for Volume 2 coming to a screen near you soon.

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