About Me

Well hi there *wave* My name is Kandita but my online friends call me Nolie. I answer to both in real life.

When my oldest son was a baby we were posted to Kingston, Ontario with no family around. I decided to start a blog to a) give myself something to do and b) keep our family up to date. It quickly opened up a whole new world known as the mom blogger.

I loved working as a blogger. I was a proud ambassador for Netflix, Kinder, Sears and Kandoo Kids to name a few. I worked closely with Chevrolet, CAA and Young Drivers of Canada. I was an ambassador of my favourite Canadian blogging conference which I am not sure is even around anymore and I worked with many different companies both local and Ontario wide with my family. It was a great time.

Then life got crazy and I closed down the blog as I needed to focus on my family that was spiralling out of control with many obstacles being tossed at us.

Life has calmed down *knock on wood* and I am putting my toes back into the blogging world. I missed it.

So what will you find here now. Well there will still be posts about the family such as my first series “The Mean Mommy Chronicles” and some of our crazy adventures but will no longer be the main focus of the blog. They are 7 and 12 now and I supposed I should give them some privacy on the internet.

You will find a ton of me, my thoughts, my opinions and my journey of finding me. I don’t really know who I am besides a wife and a mom and I really want to find out. You will also find posts about my journey to a healthier me who was tired of being out of shape and overweight.

So put your feet up, get comfy and say hi. I look forward to knowing you and having you know me.